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History of UWC National Committee Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the UWC movement officially began back in 2007 and since then hundreds of children from different backgrounds, ethnicity, race, gender, and culture have had the privilege to be a part of this movement of building a sustainable future for all. Every year UWC Bangladesh National Committee selects students for placement in different UWC Colleges. The children go through a rigorous selection process and finally get selected by our prestigious members of our National Committee.

The current President of the UWC Bangladesh National Committee is, Mr. Raquib Mohammad Fakhrul (Rocky).  Here is his message:

It is my personal experience that UWC imparts its students with embedded values to guide them towards positive change throughout their lives. Being from the class of 1994 from United World Colleges of South East Asia (UWCSEA) and currently, I am serving as the President of the UWC National Committee of Bangladesh. The challenging and transformative educational experience I received from UWC is the very foundation of my personal life, ambition, and career; and continues to inspire and guide me. Being a part of the UWC movement, it was easier for me to grasp Harvard Business School (HBS) head-on. Even though I am an HBS alumnus, my UWC experience built my core foundation and overpowered the values and ideals I learned at Harvard. I believe that UWC Bangladesh Alumni Association and UWC National Committee of Bangladesh reflect the exact values through its action.

Since 1987, UWC National Committee of Bangladesh has celebrated many occasions of accomplishments of UWC alumni who excelled academically and professionally, marking a significant impact as leaders and agents of change in their community. The rapid growth that UWC made in a span of 6 years; having 12 UWC schools back in 2014 and expanding to 18 schools across the globe by 2019; has developed into a unique educational institution moving towards a more peaceful and sustainable future. Having witnessed the global impact of UWC education, the Bangladesh committee extended the opportunity among bright students with economic challenges every year. The National Committee started sponsoring students from the beginning and this academic year with the support of the UWC parents the number of sponsorship is increasing.

We would not have reached where we are today without the persistence and dedication of former President ABM Sirajuddowlah. I would like to express my gratitude to the members of the national committee who so generously volunteer their time and share insights to identify and nominate deserving students. I would also like to thank the Alumni for coming together and making a difference locally, nationally, and internationally. Finally, I would like to thank the parents who make it possible for the committee to support the “Sponsor a Child” program through their generous donations over the years. With the constant support and active commitment provided by all the people mentioned, I am happy to inform you that UWC Bangladesh just printed its 5th successful yearbook.

The students who are going to the UWC will be the leaders of change. Like Nelson Mandela, Honorary President of the UWC movement said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”