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UWC Bangladesh Alumni Association Executive Committee

At present, the UWC Bangladesh Alumni Association Executive Committee has 5 members. Let us meet them!


President - Kazi Rahman 
UWC Atlantic College 2002

Kazi M Rahman is a veteran of the development sector with over a decade of experience. He has done extensive work in conducting qualitative and quantitative research, private sector engagement, business incubation and marketing. Kazi has a background in law, economics, and finance, which he has successfully integrated with his passion for making a difference in Bangladesh to promote green and gainful employment among the youth of marginalized communities in Bangladesh. He also has in-depth knowledge of managing multi-million-dollar projects in collaboration with national and international partners. Kazi completed his Executive MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (Dhaka University), LLM from McGill University (Canada) and LLB from Reading University (UK).

Words of inspiration

“This world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes,” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In other words, “be more observant.”


Treasurer - Itmum Momin 
UWC Waterford Kamhlaba South Africa 2014

From Dhaka to Mumbai to Mbabane to Shanghai, Itmum Momin went to Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA and then graduated from NYU Shanghai in 2018. Itmun is now back home trying to make a difference, no matter how small, in the finance sector in Bangladesh as well as helping out with the UWC National Committee.



Chief Coordinator - Zareef Kamal
UWC Maastricht 2009

Zareef Kamal joined Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh in 2018 after completing his Bachelors in St. Olaf College and currently works as an Associate Director in the Financial Markets team. 

Words of Inspiration

"UWC helped me understand how big the world is compared to what I had experienced till then. And not just because of studying in a different country. My friends from all over the world showed me how diverse the human experience can be. I met refugees and royalty. I spoke with would-be poets and policymakers. UWC showed me that anything was possible. The lessons I have learned have helped me bring a fresh perspective to wherever I go. So my message to current students: I'm sure UWC is going to be an overwhelming experience for you at first. But there's just so much to do! Focus on your academics and CAS and other required parts of IB, but don't forget, the most valuable part of the UWC journey is the friends and memories you make. So be sure to invest as much time in building those relationships as much as you can."


Alumni Association Executive Member - Shaina Abedin
UWC Atlantic College 2017

Shania Abedin graduated from UWC Atlantic College in 2017. She went on to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Organization Management from Drexel University in Philadelphia, United States of America. After completing her degree, she returned to Dhaka, Bangladesh to join her family businesses at The American International University Bangladesh (AIUB), Chemlube Ltd., and Shanzaib Ltd in the Marketing, Human Resources, and Operational department. 

Words of inspiration

"I, like everyone else, who has been a part of the UWC movement, can wholeheartedly say that it is an extraordinary experience. The UWC experience helps create character, and global-mindedness, and most importantly teaches respecting individuals regardless of their socioeconomic background or their nationality. Unlike any other institution, the ability to have peers from all over the world in one place makes it exceptionally unique. To the current students of UWC, I hope you positively exploit all the wonderful teachings this organization has to offer, make as many friends as possible, and immerse yourselves in the two incredible years of your time there. Upon graduating, I hope you come back to join our National Committee’s Alumni Association to create opportunities for more Bangladeshi youth. We are all looking forward to hearing about all of your wonderful experiences."


Alumni Association Executive Member Fouzia Sayeed
UWC South East Asia 2008

Fouzia Sayeed is an aspiring lawyer and businesswoman working in the RMG sector of Bangladesh for the past 10 years. She has studied Mathematics and international Relations at the University of Toronto and completed her LLB from University of London. 

Words of inspiration

"After fifteen years since my graduation from UWCSEA Dover, I continue to move forward with the immeasurable values and principles of UWC. May it be the strict rules of Mahindra house in grade 10 or the pre-university experience of senior house during my IB years, the multi-national environment is what I look for in every aspect of life. However, I fail to find this distinctive exposure anywhere else. UWC has empowered me to take my own responsibility in shaping my own life and contribute towards making the world a sustainable place. I encourage the future UWC students of Bangladesh to endorse the UWC mission during their time, because this period of your life is going to be profoundly priceless."


 Alumni Association Executive Member - Rashad Habib
UWC Atlantic College 2015  

Rashaad Habib graduated from UWC Atlantic College, Class of 2015. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and worked as a Senior Manager at BEE Trade Finance. He is current the Managing Partner and Founding Member at VERA Inc. 

Words of Inspiration

"Valuing your time is crucial. Sometimes, we stretch ourselves thin for people who wouldn't do the same for us. We allocate our day to prioritize them, leaving our own needs in the shadows. But when you grasp the importance of your time, you start nurturing self-respect. This paves the way to focusing on things that genuinely benefit YOU. So, keep in mind, honoring your time isn't just a good idea – it's a step toward self-care and personal growth."